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Lottery games are a genre unto themselves, involving the picking of numbers, a draw, and payouts being made when chosen numbers match drawn numbers. It is a simple concept but offers a surprisingly engaging experience. What could be more satisfying than picking lucky digits, only for those chosen digits to land up paying out a decent jackpot? Hence, we have online Keno!

Online Keno really isn’t as popular locally as it should be, though this is mostly due to the game largely being unknown. We see that you’ve arrived on this page, so assume you have some interest and ant to know more about how to play Keno online for real money. Welcome, you won’t be disappointed in what this often-overlooked gem has to offer.

The Lottery-Style Gamble

Most are aware of how a national lottery works, and most also acknowledge that this sort of system really is about overcoming outrageous odds. The chances of hitting all the national lottery digits are overwhelmingly slim to say the least, with the odds sitting in the millions. But what if we took that same system, made it a touch smaller in scale, and offered payouts for every number matched, rather than just if all of them match?

This is the basic idea of online Keno, though there is a bit more to it than this. You can also choose how many numbers you would like to pick, but with the knowledge that the more digits chosen, the lower the overall payouts. Though, payouts are also made based around how many matches are achieved. This clever risk versus reward system is what makes the game so compelling, and so entertaining.

At Black Lotus Casino you will find Super Keno, Powerball Keno, Captain Keno, and other great Keno online games. Each has its own little twist. We recommend checking them all out to see how to play Keno online for real money and decide which suits your tastes best.

Winning with Keno Online

Yes, online Keno is a game about luck. There is little that can be done to increase the chances of matches being made, but there are a few things to take into account.

Risk versus reward is a fascinating concept, the complexity of which really speaks for itself. However, with that being said we like to take into account that less is often more. In the case of casino Keno, less numbers mean bigger payouts, depending on how many picks match. Thus, we always prefer to go with as few picks as is allowed, comfortable in the knowledge that when a match does hit, the payout will make the whole session worthwhile.

A Casino Game with a History

Besides enjoying casino games, Black Lotus Casino also appreciates history. A particularly interesting legend is that Keno was responsible for the Great Wall of China. Which isn’t to say that someone got a particularly big win and decided to fund the wall. Rather, Keno was used as a way to raise funds for the construction.

It isn’t a story that is absolutely true, but we love the idea that something as simple as a casino game managed to bring a population together, entertain them, and ultimately result in a city being saved from war.

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