Black Lotus Casino’s World-Class Android Casino App

The world of Android is vast, encompassing hundreds of drastically different devices. With all this variety in mind, designing an app that works on all of them is challenging. Some may even say it’s impossible. But we at Black Lotus casino have designed our Android mobile casino app to be as compatible with as many devices as possible. So, whether your Android device is old or brand new, you should still get the exact same mobile casino experience.

Let’s face it, phones can be expensive. In fact, they can be very expensive, and as such your device is getting a little long in the tooth. Guess that means you won’t be able to use the Black Lotus Casino Android casino app, right? Not so. Our Android app is a sleek, streamlined bit of software that is extremely light on hardware. This means that the chances are good that a device, even 5 or 6 years old, should easily work. We feel, after all, that you shouldn’t be robbed of 24-hour casino fun just because you don’t have the latest model.

Full on the go Casino Access

Even all our games, slots and table games alike, should work via the Android casino app. It seems impossible, given how visually impressive some of the games are, but we assure you that the software has been carefully optimised. So, to make it clear; any Black Lotus Casino game that you play on your PC should also be available on your Android phone or tablet, without any compromises.

Yes, since you’re asking, even all the live dealer games are available via the real money casino Android app. Though, in this case the only limitation will be the stability and speed of your internet connection. Live dealer feeds are very high quality, and as such require that a decent amount of data be moved back and forth. As such we recommend that your Android device be connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection for the best experience.

One Account for Desktop & Mobile

Perhaps the best aspect of our casino app is that it shares your account. This means that you may create an account on your PC or laptop, then use that same account on your Android device. Or, of course, you could also create the account on your Android device, then use it on your PC or laptop. You can even move between operating systems, if you so choose. We designed our casino system this way for maximum convenience, allowing you to access Android app casino, and your account, anywhere, and via any hardware.

All you need to do is remember your login details. With that being said, remember to always keep your login details a secret, and never share them anyone. At least, don’t share them with anyone you don’t want to also have access to your account.

You can find the Android casino app at the Black Lotus Casino site, where it can be downloaded and installed in just a few moments of time. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to visit Black Lotus Casino on your Android device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re happy to have you and we know you’ll love our real money casino Android app!