The Black Lotus iPhone Casino App

Your iPhone is your baby, and at Black Lotus Mobile Casino we respect that. It wakes you up in the morning, helps you through the boredom, and you’ve even asked Siri to recite some of those terrible jokes. We also respect that you’re picky about what you install on your iPhone. After all, you wouldn’t want to annoy Siri by installing something questionable. Thankfully, our dedicated iPhone casino app is far from questionable. It was designed by professionals, fits within the stringent Apple parameters, and is, of course, 100% legal.

But given that this is the mobile version of a fully-fledged online casino, the iPhone casino app is limited in some way, right? Not at all. Our real money casino app has been designed from the ground up to be a perfect reflection of the site. All the games, including the slots and the table games, are 100% compatible with mobile Apple devices. Which is to say; if you can play our games on your PC, you can play those same games on mobile. Nothing is lost, everything works smoothly, and you won’t be forced to sacrifice any visual fidelity. This is the Black Lotus Casino guarantee. We’ve got the best casino iPhone app for you.

Play on the Go

But surely casino apps for iPhone need their own account, right? Which is annoying, because then you need separate accounts depending on how you play, right? Wrong. Black Lotus Casino features a full floating account system. So, if you create an account on your PC, or vice versa, that same account is carried across, no matter which device you use. Heck, you can create an account on an Android phone, use that same account on your PC, then take it over to your iPhone. Though, keep in mind, you will also need the Android app in this scenario.

This point is that the same account, plus all available funds, will appear on every device. All you need to do is remember your login details. Side note; keep your login details safe. Never let your device remember your login, and automatically sign you in. You certainly don’t want unwanted person surfing your account and having fun at the best casino iPhone app on an unattended device.

Gaming to Go

The iPhone casino app is indeed an exact version of the site, and we’re very proud of this. The only drawback is that, of course, the games are limited by the size of your screen. This isn’t a problem, really, and the majority of iPhone screens are extremely high quality. But what this does mean is that you are also limited by the space on the touchscreen.

Not to worry, however, since our games are designed with limited touchscreen space in mind. We know how annoying it can be when a game misjudges a tap, and so careful consideration has gone into how touch-buttons are designed. With that being said, we hope you give our dedicated real money casino iPhone app a whirl, and keep it in mind next time you’re stuck in queue at the bank. Remember to wear your headphones. Or, at the very least, put the sound down.