Black Lotus Video Poker – Best of Both Worlds

Who doesn’t love Video Poker? It’s a fun, fast game that lets you enjoy the thrill of being dealt a Poker hand, but without the need to follow through with rounds of betting. So, almost like the best part of the game distilled into a mini-game of its own.

But then, playing means that you have to take a trip down to the local pub, right? Who needs that gloomy environment? Not to worry, you can enjoy online Video Poker in the classy, welcoming glow of Black Lotus Casino.

As you probably already know, Video Poker is immensely popular. There is hardly a pub in the world that doesn’t have a little console tucked away in a corner. Plus, you can bet your bottom dollar that the console will have someone perched in front of it, whiling away the hours until happy hour finally kicks in.

Wish you could have a go? Well, you absolutely can. We are here to serve, offer a far classier ambience, and have multiple versions of Video Poker online games to choose from that can be played for real money.

Flex your Poker Muscles

Video Poker is firmly based around the ground rules of Poker. Or, more specifically, it is based around the established hand values. The higher the hand value you manage to achieve, the bigger the payout. 5 cards are dealt, you may select which to keep, and the others will be redrawn. So, 5 Card Stud.

The trick here is that, depending on the version of the game, only hands above a certain value will pay out. This means that you are gunning for Royal Flushes, Straights, and so on. Yes, these hands aren’t always easy to get, and it can be challenging deciding which cards to hang on to. But then that is the name of the game.

There are also a few versions of online Video Poker that bend the rules, allowing for hands that would otherwise be impossible. 5 of a kind, anyone? Poker purists may not like this, but those that like a little twist, and are okay with bending the rules will find plenty of enjoyment.

Playing Online Video Poker to Win

As with many online casino games, Video Poker is a system that benefits from knowledge and a strategy guide. It helps a great deal to know which hands are more likely to appear, based on statistics. You may be tempted to chase after a Straight Flush, but is it better to maybe just settle for a Full House?

A strategy guide that puts into perspective how likely all these hands are, is therefore very helpful. You may want to keep a strategy guide handy, just to give yourself that extra boost. You certainly won’t see anyone at the pub with a strategy guide, and that really says it all.

Play Online Video Poker at its Premium

As always, at Black Lotus Casino we embrace variety. There are a few versions of real money Video Poker games to try out, including Wild Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, Triple Double Bonus Poker, Aces and Faces Poker, and more.

We strongly recommend you give them all a try, because the rules really can vary drastically. A big win could be just a hand away!