Why Black Lotus Mobile Casino is a Winner

We at Black Lotus Casino fully appreciate the casino atmosphere. Casinos are all but built around luxury and sophistication, featuring environments that all but drip opulence. But sometimes you just aren’t able to get to a land-based venue. Like, say when you’re sitting in queue at the bank, or are on a particularly long journey. Or maybe you would just prefer a night in. In these cases, Black Lotus Casino has your back, with a mobile casino version that is always available, 24 hours a day, anywhere you go.

A mobile casino really does personify how far technology has come. Wasn’t it just yesterday that mobile screens were made up of a handful of pixels, and internet speeds could barely handle Facebook? Wasn’t that a quaint time?

Yes, mobile phones are more than capable of handling a full mobile casino experience these days. Including animations, supremely detailed graphics, and even live dealer streams. All that you really need is a decent internet connection to enjoy jackpot casino mobile entertainment on the move.

Compatibility above all else

At Black Lotus Casino we respect freedom of choice. Heck, we celebrate it, which is why we provide as many variations of casino mobile games as possible. But we also respect freedom of choice when it comes to mobile devices. We understand the benefits of both Android and Apple and have therefore gone above and beyond to support both operating systems.

You will find our dedicated mobile casino app work for both iPhone and Android on Black Lotus Casino Site, with no favoritism in either regard. Simply search for Black Lotus Casino, download the app, and enjoy our full range of games on the go. Don’t worry, our casino mobile app is purposefully lightweight, is highly user friendly, and will carry your active account over from a PC or laptop. Just remember your login details.

Note that you can also access the entire site via a browser, such as Chrome. But we recommend the mobile casino app for an optimal experience.

Old Phones are Welcome

Yes, our app is top of the range, and our jackpot casino mobile games all extremely impressive to behold. But no, we don’t demand that you have the latest and greatest tech to be part of the action. Our mobile casino app has been designed with flexibility in mind, which means that even if your device is starting to go a little gray, chance are it will still support the software just fine.

We can’t guarantee that absolutely every phone and tablet will work smoothly, especially when it comes to older Android devices. But we stand by our promise that the majority will do just fine. All we really ask is that your internet connection is stable, especially when it comes to live dealer streams. So, Wi-Fi preferable. You will certainly get away with a mobile connection with slots, in most cases, but live dealer feeds are extremely high quality, and as such Wi-Fi is a necessity.

Android or Apple, old phone or new, Black Lotus Casino welcomes you. Our jackpot casino mobile games are ready to keep you company for a night in, and are happy to fight the boredom as you wait in queue at the bank too!