Iconic Online Roulette at Black Lotus Casino

A true gambling enthusiast will never turn down a few rounds of online Roulette. The game is truly iconic, being a favorite in virtually every country on the planet. Though, it certainly doesn’t take much to understand what is so endearing about the system. The RNG or live Roulette spinning wheel all but personifies luck, with every sensible player able to appreciate that they have made their bet and are now at the mercy of probability.

What is perhaps most appealing about online Roulette is that although most of the game is luck based, a smart approach can still make a tremendous difference. This means that skill plays a part, and we at Black Lotus Casino very much appreciate smart gambling.

We do know that Roulette online also lends itself to a courageous approach, with bets being thrown down at random, but salute those that bring a strategy guide.

Understanding Group Betting

Many casino games are all about a single bet versus probability, but online Roulette is amongst those that embraces multiple bets in a single round. This is where strategy comes in, with those that take their Roulette online betting seriously able to drastically improve the chances of walking away with at least some cash, even if they don’t hit a lucky number.

The Roulette online table is carefully designed to convey as much information as possible, with just a single glance needed to understand what’s going on. Yes, you can put down money on just a single lucky number, but the chances of this one bet succeeding are slim. Hence, why not also put down a few additional bets? Why not also have money on red or black, and another on a set of lucky numbers?

The chosen combination of bets is key, helping to bridge the gap until a lucky number does finally hit.

Martingale’s Magic Strategy

Yes, we know you know that there isn’t really magic in Roulette online betting strategies. In fact, we recommend that you immediately shun anyone that claims they do have a magic strategy. There is no magic in gambling, only those that do research strategies, and those that don’t.

In that regard we have the very simple strategy referred to as the Martingale. It certainly seems simple on the surface, but happens to be a system that can, and does, get fascinating results. It works like this; put a base unit of currency on black or red, say 10. If that bet fails, double the bet to 20, while sticking to the same color. If it fails again, double it to 40, and so on. If the bet succeeds at any point, return to the original betting unit, which would be 10 in this case. Always stick to the same color.

It is simple enough that anyone can pull it off but try out the Martingale and see for yourself how even a simple strategy can give results. Of course, there are far more complicated Roulette strategies out there, and many are certainly worth a look. Try out a few and see which gives the best long-term results. Our online Roulette and live Roulette tables are waiting for you!